Police Brief in Stafford

Posted on Dec 05, 2008

Stafford County Motorcycle Driver Killed

A man from Stafford County was killed on a Sunday afternoon, just one hour after he crashed his motorcycle in Orange County.

Luis A. Villarreal, a 23-year-old man, was driving his Kawasaki motorcycle on State Route 231 when he veered off to the right side of the road in a curve and then slammed into a tree at approximately 12:55 PM, according to state police Sgt. F.L. Tyler.  He was transported to U.Va. Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead at approximately 2:00 PM, said the state police spokesman.

Based on initial investigation, the roads were dry when Villarreal crashed his motorcycle just one mile from State Route 679.  Villarreal was wearing his helmet at the time of the accident.  Tyler believes that speed could have been a factor in the motorcycle accident, which is currently under investigation by Trooper S.T. Melson.

Robbery of Stafford Home

A Stafford resident pulled into her driveway shortly after two men had broken into her home.  According to Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy, the woman arrived in the 1700 block of Courthouse Road at 9:39 AM and discovered a large pickup truck in the driveway, which was occupied by two men.  She honked her horn at the truck and the driver pulled the truck around her and fled the area.  The woman found that her home had been broken into and some items were stolen.

The robbery suspects were described as two large African American men wearing dark clothing.  They were driving a red or maroon newer model pickup truck.

17 Vehicles Robbed

Robbers stole items from at least 17 vehicles in two Stafford subdivisions recently.  Sheriff’s spokesman Bill Kennedy stated that the thefts took place in Greenridge and Summerwood subdivisions.  Stolen items included wallets, radio systems, GPS systems and other items, which were taken from unlocked vehicles.

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