How a Simple Pelvic Fracture Turns Fatal

You hear about it all the time: the elderly neighbor who slipped on a rug or a person in a car accident who experiences a pelvic fracture. In fact, this type of injury has become so commonplace that folks even make jokes about it: “Don’t break a hip!” But the fact of the matter is, pelvic fractures are painful, costly to treat, and often lead to life-long problems.

What many people don’t know is that some pelvic fractures are downright dangerous. Some injuries to the pelvis can cause damage to the surrounding blood vessels, which can be fatal.

Types of Life-Threatening Pelvic Fractures

Things go wrong all the time and a seemingly benign fracture can turn into something much more serious. However, certain types of breaks put you more at risk for experiencing fatal injuries than others, including the following:

  • Open-book pelvis injury. When the strong pelvic ligaments that hold the pelvis bones together tear, it is called an open-book pelvis injury. This type of fracture is dangerous because large arteries pass near these ligaments and if they are torn as well, massive blood loss can result.
  • Lateral crush injury. This type of injury occurs when the pelvis is crushed either inwards or outwards. Damage to the surrounding blood vessels and structures is possible, and can cause fatal injuries.
  • Vertical shear pelvis injury. One half of the pelvis shifts upwards in a vertical shear injury. Tears in the pelvic and sacral ligaments can occur and cause massive blood loss.

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