Complications From a Broken Rib Following a Motorcycle Accident

Some motorcycle riders find that their trips end short of their destination after they are involved in a motorcycle accident.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are often victims of traffic accidents because passenger vehicle drivers give them little respect on the road. If drivers would respect these riders, there would many fewer accidents on the roads.

Sadly, motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries and even death. One common serious injury is a broken rib. A broken rib typically occurs during a motorcycle accident when the impact is taken to the mid-section of the body or if the rider is thrown from his vehicle.

The accident victim who is suffering from a broken rib may experience pain in the rib cage area or experience shortness of breath. The victim should seek medical attention right away if any symptoms are present.

A cracked rib generally does not cause many complications, however, when there are complications they tend to be serious. This greatly depends on where the break has occurred. Some of the complications that may be caused from a rib fracture are:

  • Torn or punctured aorta. Complications to the aorta generally occur when there is a break in one of the top three rib bones. The damage is caused from the sharp bone rupturing the aorta. This is a life-threatening injury because the aorta is the main arterial blood vessel in the body.
  • Punctured lung. When the rib bone splinters, it can come into contact with a lung and cause it to be punctured. A punctured lung can also cause the lung to collapse. This generally occurs when the break occurs at the middle of the rib cage.
  • Lacerated spleen, liver, or kidneys. The break can cause the spleen, liver or kidneys to be seriously damaged as the bone pierces or scratches the organ. This is more uncommon as the lower rib bones have more flexibility and is less likely to break.

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