Thinking of Taking a Drive on a Suspended License? You May Want to Reconsider

After a series of run-ins with the law, you eventually had your license suspended. Perhaps it was the speeding ticket you received when driving on 58 or that reckless driving conviction from the citation last summer on 460 that caused the suspension. Either way, you’re not supposed to drive for the next three months.

However, something has come up and you’re considering using your car. You plan on driving the speed limit and obeying all traffic laws, so you don’t think you’ll get pulled over. Before you get in that car, however, you may want to think about what you are risking.

Taking a Dangerous Path: The Penalties for Driving Without a License

If you are caught driving on a suspended license, you risk:

  • Jail time. The state of Virginia is very strict when it comes to suspended license violations. If you are found driving while your license is suspended three times, you will likely spend some time in jail. Judges are actually required to sentence these drivers to at least 10 days behind bars.
  • Fines. If you are concerned about your finances at all, or don’t want to give the state of Virginia a large amount of money, think again before you get behind the wheel. You will likely receive a fine of up to $2,500 if you are found guilty of driving on a license suspension.
  • More time without a license. Virginia drivers found driving without valid licenses are subject to additional license suspensions. Most likely, you will receive a suspension that is the length of the original suspension, essentially doubling the time.

Tavss Fletcher Can Help

If you are found driving in the Norfolk area without a license, the legal team of Tavss Fletcher may be able to help. Contact us to speak with an attorney about your situation and find out if we think we can assist you.