Aggressive Driving Information

Aggressive drivers- Have you seen one today?  Chances are that the answer is yes.  Too often drivers take out their frustrations by driving aggressively.  In order to better understand and prevent aggressive driving the Virginia DMV has dedicated several pages to the topic.  Please read on to learn more about how to spot, avoid and prevent aggressive driving.   

  • Aggressive Drivers- These drivers tend to: swerve, speed, weave in and out of traffic, not use turn signals, stare down, yell or use obscene hand gestures toward other drivers.
  • If you Encounter an Aggressive Driver- The Virginia DMV recommends that if you see an aggressive driver you should: not engage the driver, not make eye contact or gesture to the driver, slow down to get away from the driver, call 911 or #77 to report the driver, if followed drive to a public place or police station. If the driver gets into an accident please stay near the scene and report their behavior to police.
  • To Avoid Becoming an Aggressive Driver- Leave for your destination early, understand that you can't control traffic or other peoples driving, don't drive when upset or angry, listen to calming music and prepare for delays by listening to traffic and weather reports.
  • Drive in a Courteous Manner- Do not tailgate, only use horn in emergencies, do not block the passing lane, do not change lanes close to other cars, do not use your phone while driving and avoid the use of high beams when not needed.


At the Norfolk law firm of Tavss Fletcher we would like to help prevent accidents and injuries caused by aggressive drivers.  Our staff and attorneys hope that the information provided here, courtesy of the Virginia DMV, helps you avoid an accident with an angry or aggressive driver. 

If you have been injured and believe that the other driver was at fault you have the right to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Please contact your Virginia Beach attorney at Tavss Fletcher for your free consultation.