Why are holiday weekends so dangerous on Virginia and North Carolina roads?

As another holiday weekend approaches, across the state Virginians and North Carolinians are eager to hit the road to visit family, drive to a vacation destination, or take a sightseeing trip.  Lost in the busy holiday shuffle is a very serious fact: holiday weekends can be deadly for drivers and their passengers.


The rise in auto accidents and fatalities over holiday weekends is such a serious concern for the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that they track fatality statistics for six major holiday weekends.  These weekends are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.


What makes holiday driving so dangerous?  There are several factors that contribute to an increase in crashes that lead to injury and death.


Tired Drivers


Fatigue can be a real killer behind the wheel.  Every year accidents happen when a car or truck driver pushes themselves too hard, perhaps to make it to a family gathering on time or to get to a favorite vacation spot in record time.  Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for a driver to stay on the road when they feel tired or if they start to nod off.


Intoxicated Drivers


For many Virginians, a holiday weekend means it is time to celebrate – and with celebration comes alcohol consumption.  Sadly, every day drivers get behind the wheel after having one too many, and even teen drivers are caught driving under the influence.  Don’t turn what should be a relaxing and enjoyable long weekend into a visit to the hospital – or the morgue.  Alcohol and cars don’t mix.


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Distracted Drivers


Cell phone calls, emails, text messages, children fighting in the backseat, a spouse nagging from the passenger seat, DVD players, eating in the car – these are all common distractions that are especially prevalent when families hit the road to go on vacation.  It is vitally important that drivers do everything they can to minimize distractions, because their life – and the lives of their family and other road users – depends on it.


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Aggressive Drivers


Holidays can mean visiting with extended families – which can lead to stress.  Stressed drivers can quickly cross the line into aggressive driving: speeding, tailgating, abrupt lane changes, slamming on the brakes, making rude gestures.  Pretty much any unfriendly or dangerous road behavior you can think of falls under the category of aggressive driving.


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