Causes of Injuries at the Gas Station Convenience Store or Gas Pump

Gas Station Sign With a Mini Mart and Propane Sales SignGas stations now provide more services than just selling gas. You can grab a cup of coffee or a meal on-the-go or purchase food at their mini-mart. While this can be convenient, you are also exposed to more potentially hazardous conditions that can cause you to suffer long-term injuries in a premises liability accident.

Major Reasons You Could Suffer Injuries at Your Local Gas Station

The gas pumps, parking lot, restroom, and convenience store found at gas stations all have their own risks of dangerous conditions that can result in a premises liability accident. Some common causes of injuries include:

  • Slip and fall accidents. Probably the most common reasons guests are injured are slip and fall accidents. Debris, spills of food and drink, oil and gas leaks near the pump, and icy or cracked parking lots are a few causes of slips, falls, and trips.
  • Burns. When gas pumps leak or have faulty shut off valves, a person can be sprayed with gas and diesel fuel and be severely burned in a fire or due to a chemical burn.
  • Defective nozzles. Gas pump nozzles can become sharp or abrasive from normal wear and tear, and the handle can malfunction. If the gas station owner fails to repair or replace damaged nozzles, customers can suffer cuts, abrasions, or pinched fingers and more serious injuries to their hands, wrists, arms, torso, and face.
  • Assaults and other crimes. Individuals can be the victim of assault, theft, and other violent crimes when there is inadequate security or lighting at the gas station.
  • Car accidents. Car, bike, and pedestrian accidents can occur at the pump or in the parking lot when drivers are negligent. The at-fault motorist may be responsible for compensating the victim for his injuries.
  • Fires and explosions. Fires and explosions can cause customers to suffer catastrophic injuries or death. Static electricity, faulty wires, and smoking near the gas pumps are a few reasons why these tragic accidents occur.

What You Must Prove to Win Your Claim for Compensation Against the Gas Station

If you are injured in a premises liability accident at the gas pumps or in the convenience store, you may be entitled to compensation for your necessary medical treatments, lost wages, and pain and suffering from the gas station owner. In order to win your case, you will need to prove that the owner breached its duty of care to you and that you sustained injuries as a result. You will need to show the following:

  • There was a dangerous condition on the property.
  • The owner knew or should have known of the hazardous condition.
  • The owner failed to remove or repair the hazard within a reasonable time or failed to post signs warning you of the danger.
  • Your injuries were directly caused by the dangerous condition.
  • You incurred damages as a result of your injuries.

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