Why Negligent Drivers Cause Tragic Fatal Motorcycle Crashes

Fatal Motorcycle Wreck at a Virginia IntersectionMotorcycle collisions in Norfolk and Virginia Beach can be devastating, especially when they lead to losing a loved one. At Tavss Fletcher, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys understand the pain and heartache that families go through after such a tragedy. We can help you in obtaining the justice and compensation you deserve from the negligent driver who caused your family member's death. While this will not bring your loved one back, pursuing your legal rights can help you move on with your life.

Top 5 Causes of Virginia Fatal Motorcycle Collisions

In Virginia, there are several common causes of fatal motorcycle accidents, and most of these preventable crashes are caused by negligent drivers. Here are some of the ways that motorists cause these tragic wrecks:

  1. Distracted driving. When drivers eat, text, look at a GPS, or engage in other distracted driving practices, they are not paying attention to their driving or the vehicles around them. In a few seconds, they can cause a fatal motorcycle collision.
  2. Speeding. Speeding is a common cause of all types of accidents, and motorcycle accidents are no exception. When drivers drive over the speed limit, they have less time to react to unexpected situations, such as a motorcycle suddenly appearing in front of them. The likelihood that they will cause the death of a rider significantly increases even if they are only going a few miles over the speed limit.
  3. Driving under the influence. Impaired drivers are dangerous to everyone on the road but particularly dangerous to motorcyclists. The consumption of alcohol or drugs can impair a driver's judgment, vision, and reaction time, making it difficult to avoid hitting a motorcycle.
  4. Left turns. One of the most common ways motorcycle riders are injured and killed in a motorcycle crash is when a driver fails to see them or misjudges the time to make a left turn and collide with the motorcycle.
  5. Open doors. A negligent driver or passenger can cause an open-door accident by failing to check before opening their vehicle door. A biker could be thrown off their bike right into oncoming traffic.