Virginia, North Carolina Are Not on Most Dangerous Drivers List

For six years Allstate has used crash data from across the nation to compile a list of the country's best and worst drivers. The insurance company looks at large cities in terms of car collision frequency to determine which cities rank as the safest and most dangerous cities for motorists. This year, drivers in the safest city will, on average, experience a crash every 14.5 years and are 31 percent less likely than the national average to have an accident. 

In a mix of good and bad news, no cities in Virginia or North Carolina made the most dangerous or safest list.  Nationwide, auto accidents have declined in recent years. However, deaths caused by car crashes still average 30,000 a year.   

The following safety tips are intended to help decrease the number of injuries and fatalities traffic accidents cause in Virginia and across the nation. Perhaps if we all take them to heart our state will make the Best Driver list next year.

  • Minimize Distractions. Cell phone use, text messaging, assisting child passengers and using electronic devices can and do cause serious accidents.
  • Be Aware of Road Conditions. Especially during the fall and winter months, ice, snow, rain and fog warrant slower speeds and more cautions driving behaviors.
  • Leave a Safe Distance When Driving. For every 10 mph, you should leave one car's length between you and the car in front of you.
  • Steer Clear of Road Rage. Allow plenty of time to travel, plan your route and try to avoid congested roads to help you avoid becoming stressed and aggressive in traffic.
  • Maintenance Matters. Proper and timely car maintenance will help keep your brakes, exhaust system, tires, battery, and hoses in good working order..

Though it may seem like a lofty goal for one law firm, our staff and attorneys would like to be part of a statewide movement whose aim is to increase safe driving behaviors and decrease the number of serious accidents that occur on our roads each year. Will you join us? If so, please forward this article and any other articles from our extensive library. Together we can and will reduce the number of deadly accidents in Virginia.