Though Virginia and North Carolina both have excellent hospitals and trauma centers even the most skilled medical team cannot guarantee the extent to which you will recover after a head injury.  The lasting effects of a head injury may be temporary and include loss of memory, headaches and trouble focusing.  Permanent effects seen in head trauma include seizures, a change in metal abilities and paralysis. 

At Tavss Fletcher our attorneys have worked with hundred of clients who have received a head injury during an accident or violent action.  For our attorneys getting you back on track, both physically and financially after an accident or injury is our number one priority.  We do not just file and win complex law suits, we work with each of our clients like they are family, helping them get the services they need today and in the future. 

If you have been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, suffered a serious fall or have been the victim of violence there is every chance that you may be compensated for lost wages, medical bills and mental trauma.  Please contact an experienced attorney at Tavss Fletcher today for your free consultation.  Together we can get your life back.  Please call today.  1.757.625.1214

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