How Thorough Medical Records Help in Truck Accident Claims

Digital Medical Records on a TabletYou could suffer horrific injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or internal organ damage, in a truck collision caused by a negligent truck driver in Virginia. If you want to build a winning case against the trucker and trucking company, you need to obtain prompt medical care and continue your treatments for as long as necessary. If you do this, you will be protecting your health and creating the medical records you need to obtain all the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

How Good Medical Records Help When Filing a Truck Collision Injury Claim

If you are hurt in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity damages, and pain and suffering. Having good medical records is essential when you are filing an injury claim with the insurance company. Here are ways having complete medical records can help you:

  • Causation. Your medical records can help you prove that the truck accident caused your injuries.
  • Severity of your injuries. Medical records can be used to explain how serious your injuries are.
  • Treatments. You will be able to establish the medical care you need to treat your injuries.
  • Recovery. Your medical records can help you show when you have reached your maximum medical improvement. This is the stage of your medical treatment where you have fully recovered from your injuries or recovered as much as you can. If you will not fully recover, you may be able to use your medical records to establish the medical treatments you will need in the future and how your injuries will impact your ability to work.
  • Compensation. Medical records can help you prove the medical expenses you have incurred that you should be reimbursed for in your settlement. They can also assist in establishing how much you should receive for your wage losses and pain and suffering.

Tips on Ensuring That Your Medical Records Are Accurate

While you cannot control what information your physician and other medical care providers put in your medical records, you can take steps to ensure that it is complete and helpful to your case. Here are tips on what you can do:

  • Be honest. You need to be truthful when discussing your injuries with your doctor. Do not exaggerate your injuries or level of pain. You should also disclose any prior accidents, injuries, and medical issues so that your physician does not make a statement like, “No prior injuries,” in your medical records if this is not true.
  • Select your doctor. You should be careful to choose a physician to treat you who understands the importance of having complete and accurate medical records in truck accident claims and will support your case. Some doctors do not want to be involved in these claims and lawsuits. While their medical records may be adequate, they may not provide the compelling evidence you need to convince the insurance company to pay you the maximum recovery in your settlement.
  • Review your records. You should review your medical records. If you notice that your physician did not include test results or important notes, mention this to them right away so your records can be corrected.
  • Be smart in your medical care. You are entitled to be fully compensated for the medical care you need to treat your injuries. However, you need to watch to be certain that your doctor is not providing unnecessary or excessively expensive care.

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