Should I sign a medical authorization in my truck accident case?

Medical Release Form From an Insurance AgentWhen you file a claim for compensation following a truck accident, the insurance company for the negligent trucker and trucking company will request your medical records when evaluating your claim. The adjuster may ask you to sign a medical authorization for release of information to obtain these records. However, this request is anything but innocent and signing this document could significantly hurt your claim.

Three Reasons You Should Not Sign an Insurance Company’s Medical Release

A medical authorization form gives the insurance company permission to obtain and review your medical records. The problem with the medical release form that insurance companies use is that they are blanket authorizations that often give them access to ALL of your medical records when they truly only need those that pertain to your injuries from your accident. Here’s how allowing them this unlimited access can hurt your case:

  • Provides ammunition. By giving the insurance company all your medical records, you give them ammunition to try to deny or reduce your claim. For example, the insurance company may use records regarding pre-existing injuries to the same body part to argue that your current injuries were caused by your prior ones and not the truck accident.
  • Invades your privacy. A blanket medical release gives the insurance adjuster access to sensitive, private information about you that has no bearing on your claim. You are not required to allow the insurance adjuster to invade your privacy in order to receive the compensation that you deserve.
  • Gives incomplete information. If the insurance adjuster has you sign a release soon after your accident, the medical records that he obtains will be incomplete. You are just beginning your medical treatment for your injuries and do not yet know how serious they are, the treatments you will need, and whether you will make a full recovery. It is better to wait until you have fully recovered or recovered as much as you will to provide necessary medical records and settle your case to ensure that you receive what you deserve.

How to Handle the Insurance Company’s Request for a Medical Release

Ideally, you will have already retained an experienced truck accident attorney. If not, you should immediately hire a lawyer. He can contact the insurance company on your behalf and provide them with the medical records they need without you signing this form. To get the legal assistance you need in filing a claim for compensation after your truck accident, call our Norfolk office to schedule a free case evaluation.