How soon after my truck accident should I see a doctor?

Doctor in a Waiting Room of a Hospital Emergency RoomYou should be examined by a physician soon after your truck collision. You need to do this even if you believe that you sustained no or minor injuries. There are three very important reasons why this is so important.

Reason #1: You Protect Your Health

If you suffered obvious injuries, you hopefully know to seek immediate medical care. However, you may not realize that you suffered injuries for days or longer after your accident.

Adrenaline can mask the symptoms of injuries. In addition, the symptoms of some injuries, such as spinal injuries, internal injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, can take days, weeks, or longer to develop. You protect your health and avoid a possible medical emergency by being examined by a doctor right away.

Reason #2: You Document Your Injuries

When you are examined by your doctor or in the emergency room, medical records will be created. You can use them to document that you were injured in your truck accident. In addition, if you seek prompt medical care, it can be easier for you to prove the connection between your crash and your injuries.

Reason #3: You Avoid Disputes With the Insurance Company

One of the biggest mistakes that truck accident victims make is to delay seeking medical care. The insurance company for the trucker and trucking company may use this fact to deny or reduce your claim. Here are two common arguments the insurance adjuster could make:

  • Your injuries were caused by another incident and not the truck accident.
  • Your injuries are really not that serious or you would have been treated by a doctor sooner.

How Soon Is Soon Enough to Seek Medical Care?

If you did not suffer apparent injuries that require immediate care, you should be seen by a physician within a reasonable amount of time after your crash. Insurance companies often consider 72 hours to be reasonable. Avoid jeopardizing your health or your claim for compensation by seeing a doctor no later than 72 hours after your collision if at all possible.

Pursing a claim for compensation following a truck accident is complicated. Our experienced truck accident attorneys will aggressively fight for the compensation that you deserve from the negligent trucker and trucking company. Call our office today to schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about your legal rights.