How a Police Report Can Help You Prove Your Right to Compensation for Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Officer Writing a Police Report After a Motorcycle AccidentYou might be entitled to compensation for your injuries if a negligent driver caused your motorcycle crash in Norfolk or Virginia Beach. You will need evidence to prove your case and convince the insurance company to offer you a fair settlement of your claim. A police report can be compelling evidence that can help you win your case.

How a Police Report Helps in a Motorcycle Collision Case

A police report is not admissible in court for technical reasons in Virginia. However, the police officer can refer to the report if your case goes to a jury trial and they must testify. In addition, the police report can be persuasive evidence to convince the insurance company of their insured’s liability in causing the motorcycle accident. Helpful information the police report could contain includes:

  • Details of the crash. The police report will state the crash’s date, time, and place. It will also include a narration of how the collision occurred.
  • Contact information. The report will contain the contact information for the at-fault motorist, their insurance company, and anyone else involved in the wreck. It may also include this information for witnesses, but do not rely on the police to collect this vital information for you.
  • Injuries. The police report should state whether anyone involved in the crash was injured.
  • Statements. The police officer would include the statements of the driver and you in the police report. They may also include the statements of eyewitnesses who saw your motorcycle accident happen.
  • Officer’s conclusions. The law enforcement officer will also state their conclusions about the cause of the collision and who was responsible for causing it.
  • Citations. If a traffic citation were issued, it would be noted on the police report.

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