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  • Penalties for Virginia Marijuana Possession, Cultivation or Sale If you’ve been charged with the possession, cultivation, or sale of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia, you may be wondering what penalties are in store for you if you’re found guilty. You may be surprised to find out how serious the consequences are for marijuana related crimes.
  • Virginia Drug Possession Lawyer: How Drug Offenses are Classified Facing drug possession charges in Virginia? Make sure you understand how different drugs are categorized into Schedule I, II, III, IV or V classes. The schedule of the drug you are charged with possessing will determine the penalties you could face if convicted. Protect your rights and your freedom by hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.
  • How much do you know about implied consent in Virginia? How much do you know about Virginia’s implied consent law? If you are pulled over by a police officer, you are required by law to submit to breath or blood testing to determine if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you refuse, you face special penalties just for refusing – even if you had not been drinking or using drugs. An experienced attorney can help you fight unfair charges of breath test refusal.
  • What does the “one-leg” field sobriety test really measure? Have you been subjected to the silly sounding “one-leg stand” field sobriety test? If you have ever experienced this “test” for yourself, you might be wondering what on earth it is good for. Let’s be realistic – how many people can stand calmly on one leg while being scrutinized by a police officer? There are limitations to this test and any decent DUI attorney will fight against accusations of drunken driving based on this and other field sobriety tests.
  • Field Sobriety Testing for Drunk Driving in Virginia and North Carolina How much do you know about the field sobriety tests administered by police officers in Virginia and North Carolina? This article contains a summary of three of the most common tests, the one-leg stand test, the walk-and-turn test, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test.
  • Is teen gun violence on the rise in eastern Virginia? Police in eastern Virginia are contending with a double threat when dealing with teen violence: ubiquitous technology and easy access to firearms are making teenage parties bigger and deadlier than ever before. Unfortunately for police officers and innocent bystanders, tech savvy teens know how to obtain, hide and use guns without being caught red-handed.
  • Penalties for Drinking and Driving in Virginia Were you caught driving under the influence of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle in Virginia? Depending on your situation, the penalties for drunk driving can be quite severe. It may be in your best interest to see how an experienced criminal law attorney like Tavss Fletcher can help you protect your rights.
  • Virginia Drunk Driving Statistics Alcohol-related accidents remain a serious issue in Virginia, claiming the lives of over 350 people a year and injuring another 7,000. This article includes statistical information about DUI crashes in Virginia from 2008 and 2007, including a few historical facts comparing data to previous years.
  • The CSI Effect: Popular Culture Wreaks Havoc with Real Crime Cases Experts call it the “CSI Effect” – the effect that popular television crime dramas have on viewers, some of whom take their starry-eyed perception of criminal investigations to the jury box. Accustomed to clear-cut and unambiguous evidence, thrilling story lines, and dramatic dénouements, these potential jurors can make life difficult for prosecutors and defendants alike. If you are concerned about your own criminal law case and would like to speak with a Virginia attorney, please contact Tavss Fletcher at 757-625-1214.
  • Reasons Why Breath Tests Sometimes Fail to Give Accurate Results Breath tests often fail to give accurate results. This article discusses the common reasons why breath tests fail. Contact Tavss Fletcher at (757) 625-1214 if you are facing a DUI allegation.