The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) performs a variety of services for the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The DCJS has been tasked with creating and maintaining a "comprehensive, statewide, long-range plan for strengthening and improving law enforcement and the administration of criminal justice throughout the Commonwealth".

The following topics are a sampling of the programs that the DCJS runs and maintains.  Please click on any of the underlined links below to visit the DCJS website directly. 

  • Crime Prevention- The DCJA Crime Prevention Center was established to provide crime prevention training and technical assistance. Their Crime Prevention Specialists have been focusing in on the importance of community crime prevention. These certified specialists perform a variety of crime prevention strategies within their communities.
  • Homeland Security Program- The Virginia Homeland Security Program works to meet the needs of local and state law enforcement agencies. The program strives to teach others how to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks in Virginia. Training courses include: IED awareness for first responders, anti terrorism training for first responders, incident response to terrorist bombings and prevention and response to suicide bombing incidents.
  • Publications and Resources- The DCJA maintains an extensive list of resources. Resource topics include: community-oriented policing, crime prevention, drugs and drug policy, homeland security and law enforcement.


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