Can I be placed on house arrest in Virginia?

Wooden House in Side of a Pair of HandcuffsIf you have been convicted of committing a crime in Virginia, you could be facing a jail or prison sentence. Being placed on house arrest would be a better option. However, you need to know how this program works in our state, so you know what would be required of you.

Who Is Eligible for House Arrest in Virginia Criminal Cases?

In Virginia, house arrest is referred to as a “home-electronic incarceration program.” The program’s purpose is to allow a defendant to continue to work, go to school, and take care of their children. The eligibility requirements a defendant must meet include:

  • They must be convicted of a non-violent crime.
  • Their sentence must be for less than a year.
  • They could be required to remain employed while under house arrest.

How Is a Person Monitored While Being Placed on House Arrest?

An individual sentenced to house arrest would be required to wear an ankle bracelet that would track their location at all times. Some monitors can also detect whether they have consumed any alcohol. A probation officer would also supervise their compliance with the house arrest program and any other rules they are required to follow.

Does a Person on House Arrest Have to Stay at Their Home 24/7 in Virginia?

A defendant sentenced to house arrest may not have to remain at home all the time. They would most likely be allowed to leave to go to work, school, doctor appointments, and other approved activities during specified times.

Are There Costs Assessed for Being Placed on House Arrest?

Yes, a person would be responsible for paying the costs associated with house arrest. Under Virginia law, these fees could be garnished from their wages if they fail to pay them.

Can a House Arrest Sentence Be Shortened for Good Behavior?

No, a defendant would be required to serve their entire sentence under house arrest. Unlike a jail or prison sentence, they would not be given credit for good behavior.

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