Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Drug Information Virginia

In this article we will be presenting the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration's overview of the drug situation in Virginia.  This will include statistics on drug seizures in the state, the current drug situation and the most common drugs seen in Virginia.    

  • 2008 Federal Drug Seizures- Seizures for this year include: 84.7 kgs. cocaine, 1.2 kgs. heroin, 3.2 kgs. methamphetamine, 44.7 kgs. marijuana, .3 kgs. hashish and 19 meth lab incidents.
  • Drug Situation- Virginia, and its location along I-95, makes it a major thoroughfare for drugs making their way from New York City to Miami. Cocaine, crack cocaine and the violence that goes along with drug trafficking are the most significant drug problems in the state.
  • Cocaine- Both forms of cocaine, crack and powder, are prevalent throughout the Virginia. The high level of violence associated with the crack cocaine trade is a serious issue across the state.
  • Heroin- Richmond and Tidewater have long been known as having a larger than average heroin abuse problem. Though there are areas of the state outside of the Tidewater that have a heroin using population Portsmouth is known as the heroin source of the state.
  • Methamphetamine- The manufacturing of meth in Virginia has been on the decline due to the passage of state and federal laws that regulate precursors. Any labs left in the state can be found in the far southwestern corner of the state. Meth lab incidents have dropped drastically from their six year high in 2004.
  • Marijuana- Marijuana is the most widely abused drug in Virginia. The drug comes from local growers and is imported from Mexico and Canada.
  • Drug Violation Arrests- Drug arrests in Virginia have fluctuated over the years; but not by much. The DEA has the highest number of arrests as 645 in 2002 and the lowest as 539 in 2006. This is the last year that violation statistics are available.