Leading Injuries Victims Suffer in Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle is a great form of exercise and a cheaper way to get around Norfolk and Virginia Beach. However, bicycle riders are at greater risk of suffering serious Wrecked Bike Frame After an Accidentinjuries or being killed in a bicycle accident.

If you or a family member were injured in a bicycle collision, you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent driver who caused it. However, given the seriousness of the injuries you could suffer, it is crucial to retain an experienced car accident lawyer who will go up against the insurance company so that you receive all that you deserve in your settlement.

Top Injuries You Could Suffer in a Bicycle Collision

The major causes of bicycle accidents are the negligent actions of motorists, such as speeding, distracted driving, and drunk driving. Unfortunately, a cyclist has little protection from a car weighing 4,000 pounds or an 80,000-pound truck and can suffer life-altering injuries in a wreck. Here are a few common injuries victims suffer from:

  • Brain injury. Even if a bicycle rider is wearing a helmet, they could suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can cause devasting changes to their mobility, reasoning, judgment, memory, vision, and more.
  • Amputations. A cyclist’s fingers, toes, hand, arm, or leg could be amputated in the bicycle accident or damaged so severely that it must be surgically amputated.
  • Neck and back injuries. Victims of a bike crash can suffer whiplash or strains or tears of the muscles, tendons, and nerves in the neck and back that can cause life-long pain and limitations in their movements and activities.
  • Spinal cord injuries. If the spine is damaged in the accident, a bicyclist can suffer partial or complete paralysis. They could need expensive medical treatments and round-the-clock help with their daily activities for the rest of their lives.
  • Broken bones. Victims can suffer broken bones and fractures from the force of impact when they collide with an auto or truck or hit the hard pavement when they are knocked off their bike.
  • Facial injuries. Cuts and lacerations, road rash, fractures of the jaw or facial bones, and broken or chipped teeth are common injuries in a bike collision. Victims could have to suffer long-term pain, scarring, disfigurement, and psychological trauma.
  • Internal organ damage. Internal bleeding and damage to the organs can quickly become a life-threatening emergency requiring immediate medical care.
  • Death. Unfortunately, some victims are killed in bicycle accidents. Their surviving family members may be able to file a wrongful death action against the negligent motorcycle that caused the collision.

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