Will I have to complete VASAP if I’m convicted of DUI?

If you are convicted of DUI in Virginia, you may be required to complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Program, which is also referred to as VASAP or ASAP. You will most likely need to successfully complete this program in order to complete the terms of a suspended sentence and to restore your ability to drive in our state.

How VASAP Works After a DUI Conviction

Under Virginia law, you are required to complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Program if you are convicted of a first or second DUI offense. VASAP is a government program that DUI Law Paperwork and Book With a Gavelhas the mission of reducing drunk driving crashes.

If you know that you will be convicted of DUI, you may want to take the class early. However, you need to obtain a court order referring you to this program before starting it. Here is what this program entails:

  • Assessment. Your first appointment will be an intake meeting with a case manager. They will assess how dependent you are on alcohol and the number of classes you will need to attend.
  • Classes. Your case manager will refer you to an approved treatment center or addiction program where you will enroll in the education program. You will most likely be required to attend 10 two-hour sessions, which are mandatory. You may also have to undergo drug and alcohol testing while taking this course.
  • Probation. If this is your first or second DUI, you will probably be sentenced to unsupervised probation where you do not have to meet with a probation officer. However, if you violate any of the conditions of VASAP, your case manager could report this to the judge who sentenced you, and you could face harsher consequences.

How Much Does VASAP Cost?

It will cost you approximately $300 to enroll in VASAP, and you will also have to pay an $100 intervention fee. You are required to pay these costs when you enter the program. However, if you cannot afford to pay them upfront, you can work out a payment plan.

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