What complications can occur from a fractured pelvis?

While severe pelvic fractures are relatively rare, when they do occur, they are most commonly caused by high-speed motor vehicle accidents or falls from great heights. The pelvis is a butterfly-shaped group of bones that is held together by tough ligaments. Because of the construction of these bones, it is quite common for more than one to break when experiencing trauma.

Pelvic fractures can become life-threatening when damage to the surrounding blood vessels and ligaments causes massive blood loss. These types of emergencies require surgery to stop the bleeding and repair the fracture.

Complications You May Face

Although mild pelvic fractures, such as those caused by a trip and fall or sports-related impact, can heal without difficulty, severe fractures cause more trouble. Some possible complications are merely a nuisance while others are extremely dangerous. Either way, they add to your recovery time and medical expenses. Possible complications include:

  • Bed rest problems. Bed rest is often part of the treatment plan, but lying around for extended periods of time creates the potential for problems. Deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia are just a few of the issues that can occur, and all can be life-threatening.
  • Infection. All surgeries and breaks are susceptible to infections, but pelvic fractures are extremely so when the bone pierces through the skin. Additionally, some patients with pelvic fractures require colostomy bags during the healing process, which are also prone to infection.
  • Medication issues. Those who experience pelvic fractures often take a variety of different medications during treatment. Antibiotics and pain medicine are likely obvious, but they are also typically given blood thinners to prevent clots from forming. All medications run the risk for allergic reactions, and many can affect the gastrointestinal system, which can cause extreme discomfort.

Should You Have to Pay for These Treatments?

Current and future treatment for your injury can cost thousands of dollars. If your pelvic fracture was due to someone else’s negligence, such as a car crash on I-664 or a fall from an unsafe worksite, you may be able to seek financial compensation that can help pay for the treatments.

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