What can I do if my slip and fall accident claim is denied?

Slip and Fall Claim Denied SignIf you suffer any injuries in a slip and fall accident in Virginia Beach or Norfolk, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the negligent property or business owner. However, insurance companies often deny or lowball slip and fall claims.

If your claim is denied, you should hire an experienced premises liability attorney as soon as possible. They can explain your options and go up against the insurance adjuster for the damages you are entitled to under Virginia law.

Reasons Why Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim May Be Denied

There are many reasons that the insurance company could deny your claim. While some may be legitimate, others are unfair tactics used to save the company money. Here are common reasons slip and fall accident claims are denied:

Insufficient Evidence

The insurance company may dispute your claim if you do not provide enough evidence, such as medical records, witnesses, or photographs, to support your claim.

Denial Without Proper Investigation

The insurance company could deny your claim without conducting a proper investigation. They may fail to interview witnesses, review documents, or inspect the accident scene.

Disputes About Liability and Injuries

The insurance company could deny your claim if they dispute who is liable for the accident or the cause of your injuries. They may raise these arguments even if you have a solid claim against their insured.

Misrepresentation of Insurance Coverage

Unfortunately, the insurance company may misrepresent the terms of their insurance coverage as an excuse to not settle your claim.

Options if Your Slip and Fall Accident Claim Is Denied

You should not give up if the insurance company denies your claim. You still may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. You have several options:

Continue Negotiations

Your first step should be to ask the insurance adjuster to explain their denial of your claim in writing. You can provide them with evidence to refute their arguments and try negotiating with them to get your claim approved. You have a better chance of success if you retain a skilled premises liability lawyer to negotiate your settlement.

Pursue a Claim With Another Party

If your claim was denied for a legitimate reason or the property or business owner did not have insurance coverage, you may be able to pursue your claim against another party, such as the contractor who installed the dangerous condition.

File a Lawsuit

If you cannot resolve your claim through negotiations, you may have to file a lawsuit against the property owner or another responsible party. Litigating your claim can be complex and time-consuming, so hiring a knowledgeable premises liability attorney is essential.