How can I help my lawyer win my premises liability case?

Injured Man Talking to Lawyer on PhoneIf you were injured in a premises liability accident, you should retain a knowledgeable premises liability attorney to negotiate your settlement with the negligent property or business owner’s insurance company. Once you hire an attorney, it is important to understand that you are a team working toward the goal of getting all the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Here are four ways you can help win your case.

#1: Respond When Your Lawyer Contacts You

You want your attorney to get back to you quickly when you have questions or need to be updated on the status of your case. Your lawyer needs you to do the same if they call, write, or email you. If you do not contact them, you may hurt your case or lose a time-sensitive settlement offer.

#2: Follow Up on Your Medical Care

If you want to build a strong case, you need to attend all of your doctor and medical appointments and follow your physician’s advice on your treatment. You would make it harder for your lawyer to convince the insurance adjuster of the seriousness of your injuries if you miss appointments, have large gaps in your medical treatments, or do not follow the recommendations of your physician.

#3: Cooperate in the Discovery Process

You may need to file a civil lawsuit if the insurance company does not offer you a reasonable settlement or the statute of limitations, which is the deadline you have to file your lawsuit, will expire soon. You may need to answer written questions, referred to as interrogatories, produce documents, and have your deposition taken as part of the discovery process.

You help your lawyer by answering any discovery requests thoroughly and quickly. You also need to meet with them to prepare for your deposition. If you do well when giving your deposition, you make it much easier for your attorney to obtain all the damages you are entitled to in a settlement or at a jury trial.

#4: Be Truthful

You must be honest with your lawyer. Do not hide details about your accident, lie, or exaggerate your injuries. If your lawyer finds out you were not being truthful from the insurance company or their attorney, this could significantly weaken your claim and the amount of compensation you will be able to recover.

If you were injured in a premises liability accident in the Virginia Beach or Norfolk areas, our experienced premises liability attorneys are here to go up against the insurance company for the compensation you deserve. Call our Norfolk office to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to get started.