How soon should I go to a doctor after a premises liability accident?

Empty Doctor Exam Room There is no law in Virginia that sets a deadline for being seen by a physician after a premises liability accident. However, it is best to be examined by a doctor within a day or two of your accident—even if you believe your injuries are “minor” or that you were not hurt.

Two Reasons Why Prompt Medical Treatment Is Important

There are two important reasons to go to the emergency room, an urgent care facility, or your physician right away after a slip and fall or other premises liability accident.

Reason #1: You Protect Your Health

If you suffered obvious injuries, you know to get medical care right away. However, no matter whether you know you were hurt or not, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Why is this so important? The symptoms of some injuries may not develop for days or longer after your accident. Some common injuries that may not be evident right away include:

  • Traumatic brain injury and other brain injuries
  • Back, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Internal organ damage

It could become a life-threatening medical emergency if you wait until symptoms develop to see a doctor or your condition could worsen due to the lack of prompt medical treatment. You protect your health by seeing a medical professional within a day or two of your crash.

Reason #2: You Build a Stronger Case for Compensation for Your Injuries

When you file your claim with the negligent property owner’s or business’ insurance company, the insurance adjuster may look for reasons to deny your claim or reduce the amount of your settlement. If you delay getting medical care, you give them ammunition to dispute your claim. They could argue that your injuries were caused by another incident or that they are not very serious, or you would have sought treatment sooner.

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