I was recently involved in an auto accident in Norfolk. What evidence will I need to build a strong case for my settlement?

It is important that a victim of a Norfolk auto accident collect and organize all pertinent information that will get the victim the compensation that is deserved. Not having key pieces of evidence can hinder your case, and potentially cause you to not get fair compensation. Unfortunately, many accident victims are unaware of what they will need to support their case. By the time they realize what they need, it may be too late.

After being involved in an accident you will need key pieces of evidence in order to best present your case, such as:

  • Pictures – Take photos of the scene of the accident directly after the accident. Pictures are hard to dispute and can help prove who was at fault of the accident.
  • Witness statements – Gather anyone at the scene who might have been an eyewitness of the accident. Obtain a written statement form them and let them know you might be contacting them in the future. Be sure to get their contact information.
  • Medical records – Your medical records will come into play when trying to reach an amount for the settlement. These records can be anything from an ambulance ride, to multiple doctor visits, to at-home care.


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