How can I know who is responsible for my multiple-car crash?

causes of highway pileup crashesPlacing liability after a multiple-vehicle crash, also known as a pile-up accident, means determining who was at the root cause of the larger, multi-collision accident. However, it’s also possible multiple drivers contributed to the cause (or causes) of the crash. If you were injured in a pile-up, it's important to understand what may have triggered it and how Virginia law could affect your eligibility to recover.

Factors Contributing to Pile-Up Crashes

Multi-car collisions can be deadly. In fact, 39% of vehicle accident deaths in Virginia can be attributed to multiple-vehicle accidents, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Serious injuries requiring costly recoveries could also result, so placing liability is key after a pile-up crash. Knowing what factors commonly contribute to a multiple-car wreck can help you keep an eye out for warning signs on the road and avoid risky behaviors, including:

  • Driver distraction, such as using a cell phone, completing a morning hygiene routine, or eating breakfast.
  • Driver recklessness, which includes not only speeding, changing lanes rapidly, and tailgating, but it can also mean failing to drive safely enough for weather conditions.
  • Driver fatigue, which can be identified by drifting in and out of lanes, sudden slowing or speeding, or jerking motions while driving.
  • Driver impairment, including drugged or drunk driving, which results in swerving, random braking, and slowed reaction times.
  • Driver carelessness, which can happen when someone fails to check a blind spot adequately or use a signal light.

Virginia’s Fault Laws Are Harsh

Under Virginia law, if you’ve contributed to the cause of your own crash even 1%, you become legally ineligible to recover for financial losses through an insurance claim or lawsuit. Because multiple drivers—who may have made individual mistakes—are involved in a pileup, it’s important you have an attorney who can use solid evidence to prove both your innocence and the other drivers’ liability.

Let a Skilled Attorney Handle Your Car Wreck Claim

If you’ve been injured in a car crash with multiple vehicles and feel concerned about making on-time medical bill and car repair payments, it’s critical you speak with a lawyer. The trusted team at Tavss Fletcher can look at your situation, help you understand who may be liable, and work with you to recover the compensation you need to heal thoroughly. Get started today with a live online chat with one of our staff.