These terrible injuries, along with others such as severe road rash, crushing injuries, and traumatic brain injury, are too commonly caused by one type of accident: a motorcycle wreck.


While any of these injuries can be devastating on their own, the truth is that when motorcyclists are hit by a car, they often wind up with multiple serious injuries.


If you have been hurt during a motorcycle accident in Dare County, or anywhere in North Carolina, you already know how devastating motorcycle accident injuries are. Often, the injured biker must endure multiple surgeries and years of follow-up care and physical therapy.


Long Lasting Impact of Your Injuries


The impact of your injuries goes far beyond the initial accident and medical treatment. You face a long road to recovery and might never be able to return to life the way it was before the crash.


Aside from worrying about how you will heal, there are concerns about medical bills, lost wages, and decreased earning capacity. A motorcycle accident has the potential to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we're pretty sure that the insurance company isn't willing to just hand over what they owe you.


This is because the insurance company is a business, and most businesses exist to make money. For insurance companies to make money, they are willing to grossly undervalue a claim and convince people like you to accept an offer of compensation that is well below what you are truly owed.


Do not let the insurance company leave you holding the bill. Before you sign anything, call the law firm of Tavss Fletcher at (757) 625-1214 today and speak with a Dare County motorcycle accident attorney who is ready and able to get you the money you need to get your life back together again. Do not hesitate. Call today.    

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