What is more important:  The rights of individuals to be compensated for the loss of a family member or the rights of a city to remain immune from wrongful death lawsuits?  Though this issue is not as cut and dry as the above statement, many believe that this is what it boils down to. 

The death of a man, run over by a garbage truck during an accident in Virginia Beach last summer, highlighted the fact that Virginia cities, towns and municipalities are immune from wrongful death lawsuits.  If a city employee is liable for the death of a citizen, the city cannot be held accountable for the death. 

Many, including Del. Kenny Alexander of Norfolk, believe that cities must be held responsible for the injurious or deadly actions of their employees.  However, he was in the minority as a bill that would have allowed individuals to sue local governments has been struck down and will not be heard this legislative session.

The accident attorneys at Tavss Fletcher want to know: What do you think?  Should cities lose this immunity or would the potential cost of the lawsuits devastate the financial future of too many Virginia cities and towns?     

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