Underride Accidents Can Be Fatal

Truck underride accidents are far too common on roads across the U.S and can cause terrible deaths. Underride crashes occur when a passenger vehicle collides with a semi-truck but slides underneath the trailer rather than being stopped by an impact point. In such a crash, the top portion of the car halts, but the bottom continues traveling, cutting the car in half. To give yourself the best chances at a fair recovery after your accident, it’s important you understand exactly what this type of accident is, why it is so devastating, and how an attorney can help your case.

Underride Crashes Can Happen at Side or Rear

Underride crashes differ from other common crash types in that they often result in horrible injuries and deaths when the top half of the car is sheared off as the car slides underneath the truck. Catastrophic injuries and death by decapitation are not uncommon in an underride crash. This type of crash usually occurs when a car makes contact with a large truck as it is making one of the following maneuvers:

  • Turning, especially right and wide
  • Crossing an intersection, as when running a red light
  • Attempting a U-turn and failing to confirm space and traffic allowances
  • Coming to a sudden stop because of traffic, or because its driver is distracted or driving recklessly

Some truck drivers assume motorists can see a truck and large trailer from far away, but it often happens that approaching drivers cannot see a truck until it is very close—which creates the potential for an accident.

Why Underride Deaths Still Occur

Additionally, it’s important to mention the ongoing debate surrounding underride guards. Though federal law requires all trucks to install and maintain rear guards, no quality standards exist across manufacturing. Additionally, no regulations mandate installation of side guards at all. Both poor-quality rear guards that fail and the absence of side guards on large trucks lead to hundreds of deaths each year—and they’re preventable.

Your Attorney Can Fight for You

If you were injured, disabled, or lost a loved one after a side or rear underride accident, it’s important you bring an attorney on your team who can review the evidence you’ve collected, evaluate your case, and help you understand your options for recovering. At Tavss Fletcher, we’d like to do just that. You can speak with a member of our experienced team by starting a live online chat today.

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