The thought of an 18-wheeler barreling down a Virginia roadway toward your vehicle is terrifying.  This terror is compounded when considering the number of large trucks that drive on the highways and interstates each and every day, at times causing serious accidents in Virginia.

Too often, trucks are able to avoid inspections stations. Truckers know that their truck, trailer and load would not pass an inspection, yet more often than not there is little they can do about fixing the issue.

Most truck drivers do not want to drive a truck that they know is unsafe, but for too many, they have few options. Their boss will often put them off, promising to fix the issue soon.  Other times, drivers are fearful that insisting their truck is repaired will cost them the run, even their job.

This dangerous practice is most often seen in local construction related vehicles such as rock haulers and dump trucks. In addition to the possibility of dangerous equipment failure, drivers of these trucks often do not have the proper training to be driving such a truck, yet they go ahead and drive anyway.

All of these factors can lead to an injurious, even fatal accident. If you have been hit by a semi truck you know how serious these accidents are, how their impact far exceeds that of a car on car accident.

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