A Year After the Accident, Tracy Morgan Gives an Update Regarding His Recovery

Tracy Morgan isn’t 100 percent yet, but he hopes to be soon.

The actor/comedian, who was involved in a tragic accident on the New Jersey Turnpike with a Walmart tractor trailer on June 7, 2014, recently sat down to discuss his condition, the crash, and his life.

Morgan, who starred in Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, suffered head trauma, a broken leg, and fractured ribs in the accident. He was also in a coma for two weeks following the crash. The most devastating part of the crash for Morgan, however, was losing his friend James “Jimmy Mack” McNair. Morgan told the interviewer that he learned about his friend’s death after waking up from his coma and was devastated. He watched McNair’s funeral on YouTube, which was his way of paying his respects, he said.

The Tough Road Ahead for Morgan

Because of the traumatic brain injury Morgan suffered, he says he experiences good days and bad days. The bad days come with headaches, nose bleeds, and memory loss—all common effects of TBI.

In brighter news, however, Morgan recently settled with Walmart regarding the accident. Morgan’s lawsuit alleged that the driver of the mega chain’s tractor trailer was speeding at the time of the incident and had been awake for more than 24 hours. The combination of driving over the speed limit and dangerous drowsy driving is what Morgan’s camp believed caused the accident. Walmart settled with McNair’s family a few months ago.  

When You’re Injured in a Truck Accident

Morgan’s injuries proved that anyone can suffer from life-changing and devastating injuries because of a truck crash. His settlement also shows that accident victims are able to get the compensation they deserve.

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