A recent accident along I 64 near Portsmouth, Va. highlights the dangers of drowsy driving; particularly among truck drivers.  Though truckers log thousands of miles and tend to be safe drivers, too many take on too much work and succumb to the pressures of getting a load to its destination as soon as possible. This can cause a driver to hit the road before they are rested, leading to too many serious accidents in Virginia and nationwide.

In this instance, a trucker was making a late night trip, carrying a big load of blood plasma, when he fell asleep, lost control of his rig and overturned the truck, causing serious damage to the truck and starting a fire. 

Though nobody was seriously injured in the accident, it does remind us to never drive when overtired.  Always start out on a trip well rested and if you feel yourself getting tired  pull over in a safe area and get some sleep.  Coffee and other stimulants work for short periods of time and can leave you more tired and less able to drive safely after their effects wear off. 

As Virginia Beach accident attorneys we know that the simple step of pulling over when drowsy could prevent thousands of injuries and deaths each year.  Drive smart Virginia.  Arrive alive!

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