Tired truck drivers can cause serious traffic accidents

Large trucks – the massive 18 wheelers that we see driving the roads and highways across Virginia and North Carolina every day – are a fact of life, but that doesn’t make their presence any less disconcerting.  Some drivers are so concerned about the safety of these enormous vehicles that they will go out of their way to avoid driving near them.  The more you learn about tractor trailer safety, the more you might think those people are on to something.


One pervasive problem in the trucking industry is the number of drivers who push themselves beyond their limits, driving when they are too tired to be behind the wheel of a huge vehicle.  Even though there are a number of state and federal rules and regulations that govern how many hours a truck driver can be behind the wheel and how long he or she must rest, some drivers still find ways to push themselves too far.


Fatigue is a major contributing factor to large truck accidents in Virginia.  Some organizations believe that driver fatigue contributes to up to 40 percent of all fatal truck crashes.  When a driver nods off at the wheel, they are likely to swerve into another lane or run off the road, possibly hitting other vehicles when it happens.


Tired drivers are also more likely to make judgments in error such as braking improperly, misjudging the distance between themselves and another vehicle, turning too sharply, or driving too fast for road conditions.


Substance abuse can be a problem as well, as some drivers will take legal or illegal drugs in order to stay awake as long as possible.  Unfortunately, some of these substances can negatively affect a driver’s ability to drive safely, making them even more of a safety hazard.


Litigation in tractor trailer accident cases can be challenging, because it can involve many parties.  Depending on the contributing factors in the case, a lawsuit could be bought against the trucking company, the truck’s owner, the truck driver, the truck manufacturer, insurance companies, maintenance companies, or even government agencies if regulations or road conditions were an issue.


Large truck crash victims don’t have to suffer alone.  If you or someone you know has been affected by a serious tractor trailer accident, an experienced attorney can help you secure fair compensation and justice.  You can greatly increase your chances of success if you hire a lawyer who understands the intricacies of truck accident cases and who knows the tricks that trucking companies play to avoid paying money to crash victims.


Please contact the personal injury attorneys at Tavss Fletcher to learn more about how our experienced tractor trailer accident lawyers can help you move on with your life.



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