Avoid These Common Errors That Could Hurt Your Motorcycle Crash Case

The Scene of a Motorcycle Wreck at an IntersectionBeing injured in a motorcycle accident can be a terrifying and stressful experience. However, the actions you take or fail to take immediately after your collision and the days after it can have a direct impact on the strength of your claim for compensation against the negligent driver. Here, we share some of the most common mistakes accident victims make that you want to avoid.

Error #1: Not Getting Prompt Medical Care

Not getting the medical care you need is a mistake for two reasons. First, you may jeopardize your health. Some injuries may be masked by adrenaline, and the symptoms of others may not develop for days or longer after your accident.

Second, you could hurt your claim for compensation. The insurance company for the at-fault motorist could argue that your injuries were caused by another incident, or that they are not that serious or you would have been examined by your doctor right away.

Error #2: Not Obtaining Contact Information

If you do not obtain the contact information for the negligent driver and his insurance company, you will not be able to file a claim with his insurance company. It is equally important to obtain the contact information for witnesses to the accident. Neutral witnesses who saw how your accident happened can be extremely helpful in proving the other driver’s negligence and can be lost forever if you do get their information at the accident scene.

Error #3: Not Contacting the Police

The other driver may try to convince you not to call the police. However, you would lose important evidence by doing this. The accident report can contain helpful information such as:

  • Other driver’s statement and witness statements
  • Narration of how the collision occurred
  • Diagram of the accident scene and pictures
  • Police officer’s conclusions as to how the crash occurred and who was at fault
  • Any traffic citations issued

Error #4: Agreeing to Give a Recorded Statement

You may be contacted by the insurance company even before you are out of the hospital. They may ask you to give a recorded statement, which is a tape-recorded question and answer session, by claiming that this will help them expedite your claim. However, they are often looking for inconsistent statements, answers to confusing or trick questions, or other information that they can use to deny or reduce your claim. 

Error #5: Not Retaining an Attorney

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney right away after your collision. He can help you avoid these and other mistakes, collect the evidence you need to prove your case, and negotiate your settlement so that you receive what you are entitled to.

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident, let the skilled and dedicated attorneys at Tavss Fletcher file your claim and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. Just call our Norfolk office today to schedule your free consultation.


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