Follow These Five Social Media Tips to Protect Your Norfolk Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a car collision in Virginia Beach or Norfolk and are in the process of settling a claim, it is generally advisable to stay off social media entirely. However, if you plan to post on social media during this time, you should take steps to protect yourself anPosting on Social Media After VA Car Accidentd ensure your posts do not inadvertently harm your claim. 

Our experienced Norfolk car accident lawyers at Tavss Fletcher have put together some essential tips to help you navigate the social media world while settling your car accident claim in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. We are also here to answer your questions and fight with the insurance company for the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Five Tips to Follow When Posting on Social Media After a Norfolk Car Collision

Social media posting can weaken your claim for compensation with a negligent driver's insurance company. The insurance adjuster could search your posts for statements and pictures they can use against you in settlement negotiations. If you plan to continue using your social media sites, being cautious about your online presence is essential. Here are some tips we recommend you follow. 

1. Don't Post About the Crash or Your Injuries

Avoid the temptation to share details about the car accident or your injuries on social media. Even seemingly innocuous posts can be misconstrued, so keeping all information about the accident and your condition private is best. 

2. Be Careful When Accepting Friend Requests

While your car accident claim is being settled, you may receive friend requests from individuals you do not know or recognize. Be cautious about accepting these requests, as they could be from insurance adjusters, investigators, or opposing parties trying to gain access to your social media posts. If you are unsure about the identity of the person sending the request, do not accept their friend request.

3. Restrict Activities You Post About

While your case is pending, limiting your social media activity and being selective about what you share is wise. Refrain from posting about activities that could be used to argue that you are not as injured as you claim to be. For example, posting pictures of yourself engaging in strenuous physical activities could undermine your case if you suffered a serious back injury.

4. Make Your Profiles Private

One of the most effective ways to safeguard your social media presence during a car accident claim is to set your profiles to private so only your approved friends and followers can see your posts. While not foolproof, it adds extra protection and limits the insurance company's access to your posts.

5. Don't Be Tagged by Others

Others may not be as cautious even if you are careful about what you post. Ask friends and family not to tag you in posts or photos related to the accident, your injuries, or any activities you should avoid due to your condition. The insurance company could search their posts as well as yours.

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