What the Law Requires and How Negligent Drivers Who Violate the Three Feet Rule Cause Bike Accidents

Car Passing Bicyclist on the RoadVirginia has implemented a new law that requires motorists to keep at least three feet of space between their vehicle and a bicyclist when passing to protect vulnerable bike riders. However, negligent drivers who violate this law can still cause bicycle accidents, seriously injuring bicyclists.

If you suffered injuries in a bicycle crash, you should retain an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can help you prove that the driver's violation of Virginia's three feet rule or other negligent actions caused your crash and your right to compensation from the motorist's insurance company.

Virginia's Three Feet Rule

Virginia's three feet rule requires drivers to keep a distance of at least three feet when passing a bicyclist. If it is not safe to provide three feet of clearance, the driver must wait until it is safe to pass. Motorists must follow this rule when passing bicycles, electric personal mobility devices, mopeds, and e-bicycles. This law applies to all roadways in Virginia.

Violating Virginia's three feet rule is a traffic infraction in our state. A driver could face fines, court costs, and up to three points on their driving record if they violate this law. 

Evidence You Can Use to Prove Violation of Virginia's Three Feet Law Caused Your Bicycle Accident

You should receive compensation for your injuries if you prove that a driver's negligence caused your bike crash. One way to show this is to establish that the motorist's violation of the three feet rule caused the collision.

You will need to collect evidence to prove your case. A skilled car crash lawyer can help you identify the cause of your bicycle accident and obtain the evidence you need to convince the insurance company of their liability to compensate you. Here are types of evidence that can be helpful:

  • Police report. You should call the police right after the crash. The police report can provide valuable information, including statements from the parties involved in the crash and witnesses, the officer's conclusions about who caused the bicycle accident, and whether any traffic citations were issued.
  • Photographs and videos. Taking photographs or videos of the collision scene, the damages to your bicycle, and your injuries can help provide visual evidence of the circumstances surrounding the accident. This can help a knowledgeable car accident lawyer prove the driver's negligence caused your bike collision and can be compelling evidence to show a jury at a trial.
  • Witness statements. Gathering statements from witnesses who saw the wreck can provide additional testimony to support your version of events. Statements from witnesses who do not know you and have no personal stake in the outcome of your claim can significantly strengthen your case.
  • Accident reconstruction expert. In some cases, hiring an accident reconstruction expert can be beneficial in proving negligence. These experts are trained to analyze the evidence, such as skid marks, vehicle and bike positions, and other factors, to determine how the accident occurred and who was at fault.
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