Common Shoulder Injuries You Could Suffer in an Auto Collision

Doctor With Shoulder Imaging of an Injury After a Car WreckOne common injury that car accident victims suffer is a shoulder injury. Even if the vehicles are traveling at a slow speed, such as in a rear-end collision, the shoulder injury could be severe. Shoulder injuries can be extremely painful, limit a person’s ability to use their arm, and require months or longer of expensive medical treatments for the injury to heal.

Four Common Types of Shoulder Injuries Caused in Car Crashes

The shoulder can be injured when a victim’s body is propelled into a hard object, such as the dashboard or a car door, or the shoulder is jerked around during the collision. Here are four types of injuries caused in these accidents:

  • Fracture. There are three major bones in the shoulder: the humerus, shoulder blade, and collar bone. If one of these bones is fractured, a person can experience shoulder pain, swelling and tenderness, or a bump or discoloration where the fracture occurred.
  • Rotator cuff tear. The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tissues that surrounds the shoulder joint and keeps it in its socket. If they are torn in a car accident, a victim can feel shoulder weakness, pain when moving the arm, and limitations in arm movement.
  • Dislocated shoulder. The shoulder ball and socket can become dislocated due to the force of impact in a collision. This can cause muscle spasms, weakness, numbness, and inability to use the arm.
  • SLAP tear. If there is a tear to the tendon in the bicep, this is referred to as a superior labrum anterior and posterior tear (SLAP). An accident victim can experience a limited range of motion, pain when lifting or moving the arm, and a popping sound in the affected area.

Importance of Seeking Prompt Medical Care If You Suffered a Shoulder Injury

You may not experience the symptoms of a shoulder injury right away or mistakenly believe it is a minor injury that will heal on its own. However, it is still important to be examined by a physician within 48 hours of your accident so that your injury is diagnosed and you start receiving the treatment you need.

In addition, the negligent driver’s insurance company may be looking for reasons to deny your claim or pay you less than you deserve. You also avoid disputes with them about the cause of your injuries and their seriousness by getting medical care right away after your crash.

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