Your car might suddenly accelerate without warning – these are words that no driver wants to hear, but millions of Toyota drivers are facing exactly this news after a series of record-breaking Toyota recalls.


Since last fall, over eight million Toyota vehicles have been recalled for issues ranging from defective floor mats to sticky throttles to braking problems.  With over eight thousand vehicles affected by one of the recent Toyota recalls, if you own a Toyota there is a good chance that your car or SUV is affected.



Toyota recall resources:

Our Overview of the Toyota Recalls

Toyota’s recall website

VIN number search for recalled Toyota vehicles

NHTSA database of vehicle recalls



Toyota is bracing itself for a flood of lawsuits as a result of the recalls.  Not only will they face legitimate claims from motorists who were injured in recall-related collisions, but they’ll also have to contend with lawsuits from drivers who want to blame their unrelated accident on the recall issues.


Do you think that you were hurt because of a Toyota related recall problem?  If you were the driver of the car, you may be blamed for the accident even though it was not your fault.  If you were hit by the driver of a recalled Toyota, a recall issue may be to blame.  Finally, if you were a passenger in a recalled vehicle that crashed or if you were a passenger in a vehicle hit by a recalled Toyota your case may require a special investigation.


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