Toyota Recalls for Unintended Acceleration and Braking Problems

Toyota has so far sent out ten million recall notices, affecting eight million vehicles worldwide, six and a half of those in the United States.  These recalls are causing panic among Toyota drivers in Virginia and North Carolina, many whom worry that their defective car or SUV could cause a serious or fatal auto accident.


If you are concerned about the Toyota recall, either because you’ve been involved in an accident with a recalled vehicle or because you own one, here is a quick summary of the recalls for unintended acceleration and braking problems, and where to find more information.


Toyota’s floor mat recall


Toyota has recalled a number of vehicles because the accelerator pedal could become trapped in the floor mat, causing unexpected acceleration.  Unexpected acceleration is a serious problem, and can lead to fatal crashes.  A number of lawsuits have already been filed against Toyota for this defect.



Toyota’s “sticky throttle” recall


Additional Toyota vehicles are being recalled because excess friction can build up in defective throttle components, causing accelerator pedals to stick.  Similar to the floor mat recall, a “sticky throttle” can cause unexpected acceleration, catching drivers off guard and leading to accidents.  Some Toyota vehicles are affected by both recalls.



Toyota’s brake recall


Some Toyota Prius, Camry, and Lexus vehicles are also affected by a brake recall.  In the Prius and Lexus recall, dealers need to update software in the computer program responsible for braking.  Otherwise, vehicle owners have complained that affected cars take too long to brake.


The Camry recall involves a brake hose that is too short.  There is a chance that the hose could tear or become unattached, allowing brake fluid to escape and making braking difficult.



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