As a Virginia Beach car accident attorney I know that new drivers tend to make some pretty terrible driving mistakes. One of the most dangerous mistakes that teen drivers make is one that you might not have thought of: overcorrecting.

When a new driver finds themselves off the road, they almost always react by panicking and jerking the wheel to one side. However, this gut reaction is dangerous and causes hundreds of teen driving accidents each year. In too many of these crashes, speed is also a factor and teen drivers, passengers and other motorists are injured, even killed. All because of one rookie driving mistake.

What we can do to Prevent Teens Drivers From Overcorrecting
Some good advice has come out of discussions between driving experts, police and other concerned citizens. This advice centers around teaching teens the correct way to get out of an "off the road event" and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. Prevention advice includes:

  • Drive with hands at "8" and "4" instead of "10" and "2"
  • Practice the right way to correct an off the road event in a safe location, at low speeds, with an experienced driving instructor
  • Avoid driving off the road by keeping eyes focused on the road (don't be a distracted driver)

The Virginia Beach car accident attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that you and your teen driver are able to use this information to improve your driving skills and possibly prevent a serious car accident.

We know that you do your best to drive safely, but what about other drivers?

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