Overcorrecting Major Cause of Teen Car Crashes in Virginia

Posted on Apr 02, 2012
The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports that in 2011 alone, 244 car crashes involved a teen driver who overcorrected a driving mistake.

This kind of error occurs when a driver, who is either speeding or distracted, runs off the road slightly and in an attempt to remedy the situation, jerks the wheel in the opposite direction. This sudden movement of the wheel causes the car to yank to one side, often sending the car across the roadway or causing it to roll.  

In Virginia, the number of teens who have made this mistake and paid with their lives continues to grow. The problem has gotten bad enough that safety advocates, police and parents alike are working to make new drivers aware of the dangers of distracted driving and overcorrection. As Virginia Beach car accident attorneys, we have seen firsthand the terrible impact these types of driving mistakes have on the lives of accident victims.
Why Teen Drivers Are More Likely to Overcorrect, Crash
Experts believe that teen drivers, lacking significant driving experience, are more likely to overreact to a situation while driving. In addition, they are more likely to be distracted by passengers in the car, their cell phone, or the stereo.

In order to battle this dangerous teen driving behavior, more and more driver’s education courses are covering off-road recovery. In many cases, the driving instructor will warn the student briefly before turning the wheel to one side, thereby taking the car off the road. Practiced at a low rate of speed, many driving safety advocates believe that this practice helps student drivers better understand the correct, safe way to get their vehicle back on the road.

Another facet of driver education is having students place their hands at "8" and "4" on the steering wheel instead of "10" and "2". The lower position makes it harder to turn the wheel too sharply in the event of an off the road event.

When Bad Accidents Happen to Good Drivers

The Virginia Beach car accident lawyers at Tavss Fletcher hope that by highlighting this issue, we can help drivers, both old and new, understand the dangers of overcorrection.

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