Will your child seat prevent injury in the event of an accident?  Are you sure that each of your car seats and boosters are installed correctly?  If you live in or near Virginia Beach you have a valuable resource available to you; free of charge.  Free child safety seat checks are offered by four different fire stations in the area.  At each station certain staff members have completed the National Child Passenger Safety Certification process and are ready to help you ensure that your seat is installed correctly.  In addition, the safety professionals will help you install the seat, or seats, yourself.  This way you can be assured of a correct install each time you need to move your seat.

Why do our lawyers believe that child passenger safety is so important?  We have seen too many children, either unrestrained or in the incorrect seat, become injured, even killed during what should have been a minor accident. 

Please click on any of the below links to learn more about where to find the nearest free inspection station and to learn more about keeping your child safe each time you get in the car.

If we all work together to keep our children safe in the car we can be a part of real change in Virginia-  Change that reduces the number of injurious and deadly accidents that involve children. 

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