Free Child Safety Seat Checks Virginia Beach

In an attempt to keep you informed and your children and passengers safe we work to maintain an extensive car and motorcycle safety library.  In this article we will be reviewing Virginia child seat safety laws and giving you a list of free car seat safety checks available in Virginia Beach. 

Virginia Child Safety Seat Laws

The Virginia laws that apply to child seat safety were updated in July, 2007.  New laws state that all children under the age of eight must be properly restrained in a child safety seat or booster seat.  In addition, all children between 8 and 16 must be properly restrained by a child restraint or safety belt.  Rear-facing car seats must be placed in the back seat or, if it must be placed in the front seat, the passenger airbag must be turned off.      

Free Child Safety Seat Stations in Virginia Beach

The Virginia Beach Fire Department has worked to ensure that there are staff members trained in child seat safety at many of their fire stations.  The staff members have completed the National Child Passenger Safety Certification process.  Parents who visit a station will be shown how to properly install their car seat.  In addition, they will, with the help of a car seat technician, install the car seat themselves.  This is to ensure that the parent knows how to take out and install their own seats. 

Virginia Beach Inspection Stations         

Company 2- Davis Corner

4672 Haygood Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23455



Company 8- Oceana

1201 Bayne Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23454



Company 19- Stumpy Lake

4196 Pleasant Valley Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23456



Company 21- General Booth

1468 Nimmo Parkway

Virginia Beach, VA 23456



The staff and attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that the above child seat safety information will help you ensure that your child is safe each and every time they ride in a car.  Auto accidents are a leading cause of child death and injury and improper car seat installation causes too many of these tragic events.

Please take the time to stop by a free car seat inspection near you.  The free, easy inspection may save your child life.