What Powdered Alcohol Could Mean for Drivers

Drunk driving has become an epidemic, and some fear the problem will become worse this summer after a powdered alcohol called Palcohol is available for purchase. Approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, Palcohol is convenient, easy-to-use, and potentially dangerous.

Consumers can make liquid alcohol by simply adding six ounces of water to the one-ounce mix. The result is a drink that is as strong as one shot of alcohol. Although some supporters of the product state that it is no more dangerous than conventional alcohol, others disagree.

The Effects Palcohol May Have on Safety and Driving

The makers of Palcohol claim that when used correctly, the product is safe. Others fear that the substance will encourage others to use it dangerously. Some of the risks of this product include:

  • The strength can be altered. The company recommends using one packet of powder per drink. However, using more than one and creating a strong drink is certainly possible. The user may not be aware of just how strong multiple packets are, or that more than one packet was even used.
  • Drinking and driving will potentially become more convenient. Carrying a packet around in your pocket or car is far more convenient—and less suspicious—than carrying a six-pack of beer or large bottle of alcohol. Additionally, concealing the beverage in an inconspicuous cup is also easier, which may allow drivers to consume alcohol when behind the wheel more readily.
  • Palcohol may encourage underage drinking. Some fear that the packets are easier to obtain by minors than liquid alcohol is. Additionally, the flavors—rum, vodka, lemon drop, powderita, and cosmopolitan—may appeal to young folks and encourage them to drink. Also, children may be able to consume the powder more easily than drinking liquid alcohol.

The Threat to Innocent Drivers

Any product that could increase the rates of drunk driving should be a concern to everyone. If a drunk driver who was under the influence of Palcohol or conventional alcohol caused you injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation. The attorneys of Tavss Fletcher have helped many accident victims in the Norfolk area get the assistance they deserved, and may be able to do the same for you.

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