Too many times our Virginia Beach accident attorneys speak with people who have signed away their rights to proper compensation. Perhaps the offer seemed fair until the money ran out and there were still medical bills to pay. Or maybe a Virginia traffic accident victim signed a release form, only to find that the compensation didn't cover the repairs to her car.

Unfortunately, most of the time there is little or nothing we can do to help people in this situation get paid for their damages. This is why our attorneys stress that accident victims in Virginia never sign anything without the advice of an experienced Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer.

Why Experience Matters

You wouldn't want a brand new doctor performing your surgery, would you? Of course not. You want a doctor with experience: one with a record of success and happy patients to show for it.

The same holds true for Virginia personal injury attorneys. While nearly any lawyer will promise you he will get you the money you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and the repair or replacement of your vehicle, he may not be able to deliver.

Experience counts, and the attorneys at Tavss Fletcher have the experience and winning record to show that we win when we fight for the rights of the injured. Do not trust your case, your financial future, and your life to just any attorney. You deserve one you can have confidence in.

Call 757.625.1214 today to speak with a Virginia Beach accident lawyer who is ready to get you the fair compensation you need.

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