Do You Think the Insurance Company Owes You Only for Your Medical Bills? Think Again!

If you have been hurt during an accident in Virginia Beach or anywhere in Virginia, your first concern will be getting your medical bills paid. If the accident—whether it was an auto, truck, motorcycle, or boat accident in Virginia—was caused by someone else, you will most likely be dealing with that person’s insurance company.


Any Norfolk personal injury lawyer will tell you, the insurance company wants to get away with paying you as little as possible for your accident. You may be entitled to much more than they offer. Because you’re concerned with being able to pay your pile of medical bills, you may be tempted to take the offer, just to have the accident behind you. If this is the case, please be very, very careful.


What You May Be Entitled to Recover

Compensation is not limited to medical bills. According to Virginia law, you can be compensated for the following damages:

  • Current and future medical bills and expenses
  • Lost wages, such as pay for the time you were away from your job for medical appointments and hospitalization
  • Loss of earning potential, to compensate for inability to return to your job
  • Property damage, including repair or replacement of your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, bike, or other vehicle
  • Losses associated with a long-term disability or disfigurement
  • Emotional distress, such as post-accident trauma that affects your daily life
  • Costs associated with home help due to serious injuries
  • Any costs that are related to the accident


Without an experienced Virginia Beach personal injury lawyer, it can be hard to know just how much compensation your case is worth. If you are not careful you will be left without the money you need to pay for ongoing medical care, the repair of your vehicle and loss of income.


The Help You Need, Right When You Need It

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