Truck Accident in Figsboro, Va. Leads to Reckless Driving Charge

Posted on Sep 30, 2010

The recent rain around Virginia is said to have contributed to at least seven accidents in one day in Henry County.  One of the more notable accident occurred when a Cheerwine delivery truck overturned in Figsboro, spilling its load of approximately 100 2-liter soda bottles into a residents yard.  

Though the driver was unhurt in the accident, the truck and trailer tipped after they hydro-planed and ran off of the road.  According to Virginia State Police Trooper D.W. McBride the truck dumped quite a lot of soda into the homeowners yard.

"There was an abundance of Cheerwine, rootbeer, ginger ale" and other drinks in the yard, McBride said.  "An absolute abundance."   

Residents were allowed to haul away as much pop as they could carry.  One resident brought his pick-up truck and "loaded up as many as he could," said the trooper.

The driver, of Axton, has been charged with reckless driving.  The truck was towed from the scene.  The Collinsville Volunteer Fire Department and the Fieldale-Collinsville Rescue Squad, along with the Virginia State Police, responded to the accident.      

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