Virginia State Police (VSP)

The Virginia State Police are not just the troopers that we so often see along our roads.  They also, along with the Virginia Government, maintain an extensive website.  In this article we will be looking at the information and resources available on the VSP's website. 

  • Missing Children/Persons- On this page you will find a list of every missing child or person in the state of Virginia. In addition, you can click here to view current Amber Alerts.
  • Safety Issues- The Virginia State Police have compiled lists of safety tips for nearly every segment of the population. From pedestrians to parking lot safety the VSP has tips to keep you and your family safe.
  • Motorcycle Safety- Both motorcycle safety courses and programs are available here, along with safety tips for both motorcyclists and motorists.
  • Firearms and Concealed Handguns- If you own or are going to purchase a gun this is a very important page for you. Subjects on this page include but are not limited to: resident concealed handgun permits, machine gun registration, state laws pertaining to firearms, criminal firearms clearinghouse and your rights if denied the purchase of a firearm.


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