Train Accident in Gainesville, VA Not an Isolated Incident

Posted on Feb 13, 2012

The most recent truck accident in Gainesville, VA highlights what appears to be a growing problem in the city. Since construction has begun in the area, more traffic has been routed toward the Norfolk Southern railroad crossing in Gainesville. 

This increased traffic may be one reason why there have been two truck/train accidents in the past 45 days. The accidents have not only alarmed commuters who use the intersection, but state and local officials as well. 

Virginia Department of Transportation Investigates Accidents

The first accident occurred in December. This accident, like the most recent, involved a truck and train on U.S. 29 at the train crossing. It seemed at first like an isolated incident; however, when yet another truck was hit by a train, officials took notice. 

Currently, the Virginia Department of Transportation is investigating the safety of the interchange. While there are currently railroad gates that come down as a warning as well as flashing red lights, it is possible that there are not enough warning signs at the intersection.

"If there have been two accidents recently, we need to make extra sure that all the signs are in the right place and that there is ample warning for motorists to slow down or stop for the railroad crossing." stated Joan Morris, VDOT spokeswoman. 

Unsafe Interchange or Unsafe Drivers

Concerned parties in Gainesville and across the state are trying to determine just why the accidents continue to happen. In the most recent accident, Prince William County police charged the truck driver with failure to obey a highway sign. Others believe that the congestion at the interchange, along with inadequate signage, is a recipe for disaster.

The Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys at Tavss Fletcher hope that increased awareness of the dangerous intersection prevents further accidents.   

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