Roadside Memorials Pay Tribute to Virginia Accident Victims

Posted on Aug 31, 2011
While the materials that make up roadside memorials in Virginia vary, the message is the same:

 An accident took the life of our father, son, brother, sister, mother, or daughter. They are also a very personal way for those left behind to remember their loved ones; to never forget.

When 17-year-old Donald Keith Raiford, a senior at Southampton High, lost his life in a car accident on Governor Darden Road, his mother knew she wanted to erect a memorial for her son. The memorial at this site features red, white and blue flowers, and his mother feels that the memorial is a fitting way to remember her son and the tragic way he died.

"He took his last breath there," she said. "He didn't die at the cemetery."

From Ocean View to Shore Drive, the tributes are scattered along the road, a visible sign of those who have died, and a place for others to maybe say a prayer as they pass. While they are points of healing, and pain, for family members and friends, they also serve as a reminder to all who notice them as they pass: Slow down. Drive Safely. Drive sober. Arrive alive. Remember those who have gone before you.

The staff and attorneys at the accident law firm of  Tavss Fletcher would like to extend our condolences to all of those who have lost a loved on the Hampton Roads and across Virginia. We hope that through education, through remembrance, further accidents will be avoided; lives saved.

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